4 Signs it’s time to Replaces your Windows!

Even though you look through your windows every single day it’s actually pretty easy to overlook the state of your windows. They might be fine or they might be screaming for attention due to a window leak. Hopefully after reading this short article today you’re going to easily be able to recognize if your windows need to be replaced or fixed.

Do you need New Windows?

Let explore a few situations the pretty much guarantee your windows have issues.

Increasing Energy Costs

If you have an older home especially single pane windows. This means any glass that is not double-glazed or triple glazed. Then the odds are that you’re spending too much money on your heating or cooling costs.

The thing is single pane windows that are worn down are prone to leaks of heat or cold.

Replacing old single pane windows with newer highly energy-efficient double glazing or triple glazing reduces those are leaks to zero and also reduces your energy cost by up to 25%. Your homes largest expense is pretty much the cost of your electricity. This could be a few dollars a month or it could be hundreds of dollars a month. It just depends on what your regular Energy bill is in the first place.

Windy Days

When you stand by your window on a windy day do you feel chilly?  Do you feel cold? Do you feel the cold coming through the window?

This means you have a leak and you need to get that fixed. It’s really the same concept as above but instead of having a window pane that has a leak because of some sealant has gone bad it’s most likely the frame that is causing the problem. Nevertheless the same issue has just presented itself because you’re wasting your money on your heating or cooling costs.

Foggy Double Panel Windows

If you already have double glazing or triple glazing do you notice that there’s any fog or condensation building up between the window panes?

If this is something that you can spot then that indicates you’ve got a sealant failure somewhere. And the purpose of a double glazed or triple glazed window has pretty much been throw out of the window, no pun intended.

If it’s very possible that you might even notice some ice buildup. If this is happening and your windows are still under warranty it’s definitely time to call your original supplier to see if they can deal with claim through the manufacturer to get windows replaced. If you’re out of warranty in might be time to get a glazing company in to install some newer and better Windows.

Double Pane Windows are Cold When Touched

When you touch your double glazed windows are they cold? If this is the case then it is very likely that your energy bill is much more than it should be. And your windows are not operating as effectively as they should be.

The whole point of a double glazed or triple glazed window is to keep the heat in during winter. If that’s not the case and you windows are hold then the cold is being let in. It’s time to speak to a glazing company to replace your windows or to speak to the original company that installed your windows to see if something can be covered under warranty.